Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alright...got everything prepared?

One step closer to meeting Nemanja Vidic then ^^

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Freddy Mercury lost to Jason Mraz this morning T.T

That's RM50 flying out of my pocket T.T

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bored as Feck...

Saw this in Kenny's blog...and in someone's note in Facebook, meh.

001. Real Name: Lau Chien Ming
002. Nickname(s): CM, Lowest Common Multiple, Lan Ci Man (stop playing with my initials dammit), Mr. Sarcastic
003. Age: 17 and counting...November baby only >< 004. Horoscope: Scorpio (My whole family is Scorpio...except my mom)
005. Gender: Male
006. Elementary: ....Ringrose?
007. Primary School: SRK Damansara Utama (When everyone was smart)
008. Secondary School: SMK Damansara Utama (Likewise =P)
009. College: Sunway Uni Col
010. Hair Colour: Pure emo black
011. Hair Length: Depends
012. Loud or Quiet: Can be both, leans more on quiet.
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
014. Phone or Camera: Phone, can't communicate with people via camera now can we?
015. Health Freak: You wish.
016. Drink or Smoke: Does consuming wine count as drinking? LOL
017. Do you have a crush on someone: Well, it'd be a lie for everyone to say no to this
018. Eat or Drink: ...Obviously both?
019. Piercings: Parents will lynch me
020. Tattoos: Parents will shoot me
021. Social or Anti-Social: ....Err...in the middle?
022. Righty or lefty: Righty although I know most special people are lefties, zzz
023. First piercing: Parents will shred me to pieces
024. First relationship: My education, then Caryn (sorry gal but I was 7 when I had my first =P)
025. First Best Friend: Oh man...toss up between Chang Fu and Shaun Lim (guy from Rawang who've I had 0 contact now, lol)
026. First Award: 3rd in class in Standard 1
027. First Kiss: From a stranger? None.
028. First Pet: None although a parrot would be nice.
029. First Big Vacation: Hong Kong, 3 years ago 
030. First Love at first sight: Bullshit to be honest...although there is a someone who may buck that trend
031. First Big Birthday: When I was in Standard 1
032. First Surgery: Wisdom teeth, youch
033. First sport you joined: Basketball.
034. Orange or Apple juice: Orange juice, always drink it at uni.
035. Rock or Rap: Rock
036. Country or Screamo: Danny Gokey's scream xD
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: Who? 
038. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: Again who?
039. Night or Day: Night, that's when most of my MSN contacts come online
040. Sun or Moon: Without the Sun, there would be no Moon 
041. TV or Internet: Internet
042. Playstation or Xbox: Playstation
043. Kiss or hug: Hugs, cause you can get it from anyone without feeling guilty
044. Iguana or turtle: Turtle, it supposedly helps me in my spirit walk (*cough* Parkman *cough)
045. Spider or bee: Neither
046. Fall or spring: Spring
047. Limewire or iTunes: I use neither
049. Eating: ........
050. Drinking: Refer to 049
051. Excitement level: Depends on the topic.
052. I’m about to: Finish this?
053. Listening to: The whirring of my fan
054. Plan for today: Laze about, do my Management work.
055. Waiting for: A phone call 
056. Energy Level: Always lookin sleepy in the eyes of others when I'm not =_=
057. Thinking of someone: I guess
058. Want kids?: Obviously...when financial stability is there
059. Want to get married?: I need financial stability first leh
061. How many kids do you want: 2 if I get a boy in one of them, 3 if the first 2 are girls (and if #3 fails, well too bad I guess. Gotta learn from Pn Chew how she got 4 boys then =P)
062. Any name on the mind: Wal-Mart, it's the company I'm doing for my assignment xD
063. What did you want to do: To take over the world
065. Mellow future or wild: Mellow
066. Something you would never try: Drugs
067. When do you want to die: When God says it's time
068. Lips or Eyes: Eyes, it shows me how bright a person is
069. Romantic or Funny?: Funny
070. Shorter or Taller?: I want the girl shorter than me but NOT THAT SHORT (although it's not exactly an issue)...if that's wat this question is asking
071. Protective or Caring?: Caring.
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: Spontaneous
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: Nice arms
074. Sensitive or Loud?: Sensitive, loud I think I cannot tahan
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: ...Wow...this is tough, if it's about her then I rather have hesitant than a trouble maker
077. Muscular or normal: Normal, muscular girls errr...google Nicole Bass and that's enough proof there
078. Kissed a stranger: Nope, my sister has already beaten me to that aswell (Standard 2, innocent one but hey it all counts doesn't it?)
079. Broken a bone: Wishbone =P
080. Lost glasses or contacts: WHAT? I interchange between them 
081. Ran away from home: Had intentions before but my house is too comfy to leave >< 082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Does a tennis racquet count?
083. Killed somebody: Yeah, with my sharp-witted jokes XD
084. Broken someone’s heart: .........I'm not sure on this one
085. Had your heart broken: Perhaps but I don't want to go down emo lane again
086. Been arrested: Nope
087. Cried when someone died: Heath Ledger
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: Yup.
089. Yourself: Yes
090. Miracles: Are a fairy tale
091. Love at first sight: Is a fairy tale...although I may believe in it abit after previous incidents.
092. Heaven: When you live to eat food
093. Santa Claus: Is my mom
094. Tooth Fairy: Is my mom
095. Kiss in the first date: Not on the mouth I would think
096. Angels: ...Have wings? WTF is this question?

097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: *sigh*...yeah 
098. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?: Not to that extent
099. Do you believe in God?: Sort of, although I have my own version of God somewhere in the world
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people: Whoever is as bored as me

Btw, where did #64 go? O.o